Minneapolis Based Copywriter For Small Businesses

Strive, at all times, to encourage responsible marketing and media activities. Be honest, straightforward, have a positive influence on consumers and sell products that are truly worth promoting.

The Day-To-Day

I am a full-time copywriter, an ambitious tech enthusiast and an endless student of the arts with loads of interests and motivation. When I am not exploring the opportunities that make the Twin Cities a vibrant artistic community, I write custom online content used for professional business websites, e-commerce retail product descriptions, blogs and informational articles. I work with clients directly on a regular basis, conducting interviews and consulting them on their online marketing and SEO strategies.

My career experience as a writer and portfolio of work showcases my ability to construct original content that is consistent for a clients' brand, builds a professional online image and promotes business growth. I offer copy writing services in a variety of wordsmith endeavors in the digital age as well as traditional copy.

I am eager to work for organizations that keep me on my toes and promote creative people who care about doing great work for the community they love.

The Bigger Picture

I believe in healthy doses of both variety and consistency: two requirements for personal and professional growth. They provide enough to keep me moving forward and enough to develop genuine skill in doing good work. You will not find me spending much of my day waiting for something to happen.

To this end, I am currently building fundamental programming skills, having recently completed HTML and CSS foundation coursework, and am pursuing my Google AdWords certification. Furthermore, I spend non-working hours practicing various arts and am constantly in the midst of building new skills on the home front.

Plus, I'm fun to work with. Bonus.

For More Information

Taking on challenges and finding solutions is my forte. Even if it takes time, my persistence tends to leave me ahead of the curve.

Contact me to discuss how I can help you with your business goals.